Care Home Staffordshire

Sometimes we all need a little help.  Being a carer for someone you love is not easy.  And whilst we know it can be really hard to think, let alone say out loud and make the steps to get a little support – it is ok to need a break.  To look after the person you love – you have to look after yourself too.

Respite Care can offer the little break you need – take some time for you, have a holiday, read a book – do what you need for you, for a little while and we can help.

Respite Care is temporary residence within a Nursing Home. Our Respite Care provision can be taken up for as little as a week or over a month.  Anyone coming to The Manor House for a period of respite is treated in the same way and with the same level of care as if they were coming here permanently.  They will receive a personal care plan created in conjunction with you and any medical professionals.  They will be recommended suitable accommodation within the Nursing Home based on their care needs and have access to all of the activities we offer – again, all suitable for their needs and tailored if necessary.

If you are contemplating respite, please contact us and we can talk you through how it works.

Jodie McVay, Managing Director says, “our Respite Care Service is used by people who need a little break from being a full-time carer, or sometimes as a taster to see how a relative would get on in a Nursing Home.  We understand it can be an emotional decision and our team are here to support you in anyway we can and help you to understand how it works”.