Care Homes Stafford

Our resident Connie has been working hard alongside our dedicated dieticians to manage her weight and has lost a very impressive 1 stone.

At The Manor House, someone’s diet and nutritional intake is a key part of their care. Whether a resident is struggling to consume proper meals or needs to gain weight following a period of illness or, whether their health would benefit from losing a little weight, our team of experts carefully plan meals to ensure every resident receives what they need as part of their individual care plan.

All meals are made here at The Manor House by our chef in our on-site kitchen. As well as nutritionally balanced meals we can offer fortified build-up shakes, nutritionally balanced finger foods, or meals that need to be pureed to ensure a resident can eat them. We pay close attention to details too, with pureed meals for example, we then re-shape and mould the food to look like the original meal.

Jayne Wood, Director of Nursing said, “Well done Connie! Delivering effective Nursing Care is multi-layered and nutrition plays a vital role in everyone’s wellbeing, which is why we are passionate about ensuring every resident receives exactly what they need to support their health needs. Managing someone’s weight whether sustaining, gaining, or losing requires as much focus as administering medication, our dedicated Nutrition Champion and chefs work really hard to ensure residents receive the food and drinks they need.”