Manor House – Activities All Year Round

The Manor House Activities Team has recently increased in size to ensure the residents can participate in activities 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing them with a jam-packed calendar of social activities to enjoy.

The team now includes Sonia, Emma, Mandy and Becci, managed by Sophie. Collectively they ensure the residents have plenty of life satisfaction through brilliant activities every day of the week, with their shared goal to “make residents happy”. The Activities Coordinator’s role is vital to the residents, supporting their well-being and movement, improving their quality of life, and providing some much-needed structure.

The activities programme caters to all residents’ needs and preferences, providing our residents with a happy, enriching environment. Both structured and spontaneous activities are held, individually or in groups, involving family and friends. Activities Coordinator Emma says, “our job is about bringing some sunshine on a rainy day. I go home happy every day because I love my job.”

The Activities Team move around the home, and everybody receives a one-to-one activity once a week. Those who cannot get to the Hub enjoy the activity in their room, tailored where necessary based on the individual needs of the residents. Sonia says, “Just being able to get one person to join in one activity is a benefit, but we get so many people involved, and to see people smile is wonderful.” Tailoring activities to residents’ personal identity has helped stir some lovely conversations between them, other residents and staff members.

Sensory stimulation activities also feature on our activities calendar, assisting non-verbal residents in recalling positive memories, reinforcing relationships, and helping create a calm environment.

Our fully equipped minibus will allow us to take residents on more trips out and about, helping make links with the wider community. We look forward to introducing even more activities to the Manor House over the Spring and Summer months, including a trip to the seaside and Amerton Farm.

Jayne, Director of Nursing, says, “our Activities Team have such an important role in our care provision. Their happiness and enthusiasm radiate through the home. We see residents who you wouldn’t expect to, up on their feet, dancing and having a lot of fun, smiles and laughter. They, of course, balance this with personal and sensitive one-to-one activities for those residents who need it.”

Image from left to right: Sonia, Emma, Sophie, Mandy, Becci