We have been very fortunate to welcome some Health & Social Care students from Stafford College to the Manor House. They are working with us weekly as part of their course, providing valuable support to our staff. Learning from each other and bringing new ideas has been a positive experience for everyone involved.  

Allowing students to gain practical experience at the Manor House helps to bring more highly skilled staff into the Social Care sector. Students can learn about adult legislation and promoting/protecting residents’ rights. Learning all about person-centered practice by gaining practical experience will be invaluable to the students as they continue their course and start their careers within Health & Social Care.  

Jane Wood, Director of Nursing and registered Manager of the Manor House, says, “We have strong community links with Stafford College and welcome placement students with open arms. Our residents love spending time with them when participating in group and one-to-one activities and outings. We like to support students as much as possible to help them achieve their goal of entering the Health & Social Care profession.  

Residents enjoy giving their time to help the students, sharing their biographies, developing relationships, and helping the students learn from their perspectives.