Mental Health Care Home

Coming to terms with the decision a loved one needs the support of a permanent residence for their well-being is often very difficult; you have to begin your research or follow a recommendation, and decide what type of home you need.  Many people have heard of Care Homes and Nursing Homes but often think they are the same thing.

Nursing Homes like The Manor House offer 24-hour a day care which is provided by Registered Nurses and a team of qualified Care Assistants.  All residents in a Nursing Home require some element of nursing such as medication or wound care or have mental health needs that mean they need the support of round the clock care and medical professionals available at all times.  In a Care home care is provided again 24 hours a day but by trained Care Assistants.  Often residents in a care home are elderly and their care is needed for health conditions associated with ageing such as reduced mobility or physical ability.

If Nursing needs are required, it is likely that you will already be working with a team of healthcare professionals and your social worker, a nurse or Doctor will be working with you to help advise on whether you should be looking for a nursing home or residential care home.

If you are not sure what level of care is needed, the best thing to do is ask.  Initially call a care home or nursing home you are interested in and discuss the health and needs you require, and you will be advised on what to do.    We are always available to help and guide you.  Please call us on 01785 250600.