Manor House Team

Our Team building event was a huge success!

This May, the team who work on the Village Unit were invited to a team building event in the Hub.

The event was held at 5pm to allow the day team to attend after their shift and the night team to attend before their evening started.  Brenda, Unit Manager said, “it was really important that both the day and night team could attend, otherwise they are like ships that pass in the night”

Catering was provided by the home, and everyone brought in dishes from home, allowing colleagues to try foods from lots of different cultures.

They played party games like bingo, a back-to-back balloon game, and balloon pass the parcel using their legs.

Bertha, Unit Manager said, “the event was a huge success and so much fun, we all laughed and talked – it was wonderful.  

“It was really important that we gave our team the time and the right environment to really get to know each other and build friendships.  We have a lot of employees here through sponsorships and for some of them, they are new, not only to the home but the country, therefore, to be able to socialise and make friends really adds to their life and wellbeing.  When you work in care it’s important that the team can work well together; to support each other through emotionally challenging times and to share in the great times.  We form very close connections to our residents and each other making the Manor House like one big family”. 

Many other members of the team from across the home including the activities team and housekeeping popped in to share in the fun.

Jayne Wood, Director of Nursing said, “focusing on the wellbeing of our team is of the upmost importance to us at the Manor House, events like this offer a chance for our team to bond, to make friendships and to know we champion their wellbeing – in order to deliver the best possible care for our residents, we have to also care for our amazing staff.”

Kenhinde, who joined the Manor 3 months ago as a care assistant on a sponsorship role said of the event:

“It’s a beautiful feeling when you work, and your employers appreciate you by creating an avenue where you can come and dine together. Such gestures make you feel loved, welcomed and relaxed that you are at home among people who care about you. And it makes you give your best to the job you are supposed to do. Thanks for an amazing outing today my dear Unit manager. I had fun and enjoyed myself. It’s been a while since I had such fun.”

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