24 Hour Care Tamworth

When someone comes into The Manor House Nursing Home, we always recommend that all items of their clothing are labelled.  We ensure our residents clothes are cleaned in our laundry regularly and we want to ensure all clothes are returned to their rightful owner.

Please don’t panic that you need to spend hours sewing in labels like once was the only option.  If sewing in pre-made name labels is your go to choice then there is no denying they usually serve the test of time and multiple washes, However, there are now a number of quick and easy ways of labelling clothes.

Here’s our guide to labelling with a few links for where you can buy….

Iron on – you can order your iron-on labels which come printed with a full name, simply peel them off and iron-on to the clothes or clothes label.  They can be a bit fiddly and make sure you take extra care with the iron, but they come out looking very clear and last well.   You can also get stick on labels which work exactly the same way as a sticker if you’d rather not use the iron, however they don’t tend to last as long and can begin to peel at the edges.

Laundry pen – a permanent maker laundry pen like a Sharpie you can pick up in places like Asda and Tesco or order online from amazon is ideal for quickly writing names onto labels, but watch out as on some clothes labels the ink can bleed and become very difficult to read.

Button on – a bit of an unknown product in the labelling world is the reusable button name tags which are laser etched with the name you require and applied in one-click to the garments care tag.  They are secure and do not tend to fade in the wash and can be reusable if required with a new back.

So, there you have it – lots of choice in the art of labelling!  As with everything if you have any questions, please call us.