Care Home Support Group

At the Manor House, we understand how big a step it is to move a loved one into a care home. We support our new residents and their families with this transition. It is a time of change for everyone involved, and we endeavour to help make the process as smooth as possible.

We constantly try to improve our families’ care, reflecting on how we could do better and be the best we can be in all areas, including transitions.

Two relatives who have firsthand experience with this are Chris and Geoff. Both their wives are residents at the Manor House, and they visit them daily. Over the past 12 months, Chris and Geoff have gotten to know one another, sharing their experiences and how it made them feel when their wives were admitted.

Chris said, “Knowing I wasn’t alone in how I felt helped; having Geoff to chat with made such a difference. We would like to provide this support to others, so they can ask questions or just talk.”

Through this common ground, a friendship has developed, allowing them to talk about their experience and how they felt. They now want to help support other families when their loved one moves into the Manor House.

Chris and Geoff are ready to be available for a comforting cup of tea, open to listening, hosting relatives’ meetings, and have generously volunteered to facilitate meet-and-greet sessions in the reception area over the weekend for those visiting their loved ones.

Jayne, Director of Nursing and registered Manager at the Manor House, says, “Creating a supportive, family environment at Manor House for our residents and their families has always been a top priority. We fully support this amazing initiative Chris and Geoff are introducing. It will make such a difference, by adding additional support for families at a time that can be difficult. We will work closely with them to help bring this idea to life.”