A number of the team from the Manor House attended the Dignity in Care Awards last week. Several of our teams and individual staff members were nominated for awards, including Bertha, Jayne, Lucious, Sarah, the Activities Team and the whole Team. When asked how he felt, Lucious said, “I didn’t expect it at all; being nominated is truly wonderful”.

Jayne spoke of how proud she is of the team, “we just feel so honoured to have been nominated; we work so hard, and the team are so dedicated, so to have been nominated was just wonderful. It was a great day to celebrate the dedication of people working in care”.

Sponsored by the Centre for Health Innovation at Staffordshire University and hosted by Newcastle College Performing Arts Centre, the Staffordshire Dignity in Care Awards honours people who demonstrate exceptional dedication in upholding the principles of dignity, empowering people in care, and enhancing the quality care provided to vulnerable people. Young people, family carers, community groups and organisations from across Staffordshire were recognised. In the words of the host, the awards are “to say thank you to everyone working in the care sector for the hard work you do and celebrate your extraordinary efforts.”

The Staffordshire County Council-run event is part of a wider campaign to celebrate how important carers are and the many opportunities for people to make a difference and feel valued by working in the care sector. Over 70 guests joined family members and work colleagues for the annual celebration that recognises care services, teams and individuals who put dignity, respect, as well as quality care at the heart of everything they do.

“The host, Patrick Monahan, made the event so much fun, having us all singing Harry Styles, Watermelon Sugar. The event was really special from start to finish and very well organised. Whilst we did not bring any awards back to the Manor House this year, to be nominated in the first place is very special, with nominations being made anonymously by colleagues and relatives”, Jayne said. 

Julia Jessel, Cabinet Member for Health and Care at Staffordshire County Council, who presented some of the awards, said, “Not only do the awards give us a chance to showcase the care sector, but it’s a great opportunity to thank and celebrate everyone working in care, whether informally or formally. Putting compassion and dignity at the heart of care is so important, and here in Staffordshire, we do everything we can to support carers to do that every day”.