Happy Residents at Manor House

We’ve partnered with DanceSing to introduce a new programme to improve the wellbeing of our residents.

DanceSing is an online health and well-being platform our activities team and carers will use throughout the nursing home to help to improve the overall wellbeing of our residents by focusing on their movement through music and dance.

DanceSing will give our team access to a wealth of very carefully designed videos created with the needs of people such as those who live at The Manor at heart.  Every single video has been designed in collaboration with experts in their field including the NHS to ensure the choice of movement, the music, the words and actions are all safe and beneficial.

Natalie Garry, Founder and Managing Director said, “every single movement has a purpose.  When we encourage reaching for the stars, we’re working on the pincher movement which can help someone to do up their own buttons or put their toothpaste on their toothbrush, when we encourage our groups to pinch their bottoms, we’re using the muscles needed to stand up.  The movements are vital for improving circulation and posture, we use repetition to build confidence, which builds strengths and over time you start to see the benefits.

Increasing physical movements are linked to improvements in someone’s sleep, appetite, and overall well-being.  We’re delighted that the team at Manor House share in our vision.  Moving each day and listening to music will bring significant physical and mental health benefits for both residents and staff. Even those who are unable to fully engage, just being in the room, part of a group, watching and listening will feel the benefits. Our goal is to help people boost their general mood and wellbeing, unlock memories through song, dance, and music; improve speech, memory, circulation, movement, flexibility, and strength and enjoy being part of a group and experience the feeling of togetherness.”

Angela Sands, Director of Operations said, “The values of DanceSing align with our own.  It offers a dignified approach to activities that use techniques backed by research and created with health professions to offer a programme that acknowledges people’s intelligence and their interests using music they are familiar with.

The programme will be used by both the activities team and our carers throughout the home.  We’ve set it up on every television and following a successful launch of the trial which included training for our team we’re hoping this will become part of our daily routine at The Manor House. We’ll be reviewing the impact of the programme in 6 weeks’ time, and if we see the positive impact, we are optimistic for after the 3-month trial, DanceSing will become a permanent part of everything offered at the Manor House.  We’re especially impressed with the research that backs this programme and the proven improvements it can offer people with mental health needs such as dementia.

This comes at an incredible time for The Manor House as our plans for improvement and our vision for the home are coming to fruition as demonstrated by the recent CQC report, read the report here.

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