Our 2021 Pudsey Party 

This November we joined the nation in going all out for Children in Need.

With decorations throughout the home and in our central dining and event space, The Hub – covered in brightly coloured balloons and bunting, staff dressed up, Pudsey ears all round, arts & crafts, music, dancing, and dinner accompanied by iced fairy cakes it has been quite the week!

Everyone had so much fun – the residents love it when our team pick up the microphone and start to sing for them, and there is no doubt music and dancing brings lots of smiles and joy.

Occasions such as this where we can throw a party and turn up the music are a great way of igniting a real sense of community spirit, warmth, and friendships here at The Manor House Nursing Home. Our Activities Team create a calendar of events to ensure there is always a range of entertainment for residents to get involved with. We also ensure, that if for any reason a resident cannot attend the main event in The Hub, the team will take the event to them in their bedroom or one of the communal lounge spaces to ensure no one misses out.

To find out more about Activities and daily routines at the Manor House, or if you have any other questions, please call us on 01785 250600.

Well done Connie

Our resident Connie has been working hard alongside our dedicated dieticians to manage her weight and has lost a very impressive 1 stone.

At The Manor House, someone’s diet and nutritional intake is a key part of their care. Whether a resident is struggling to consume proper meals or needs to gain weight following a period of illness or, whether their health would benefit from loosing a little weight, our team of experts carefully plan meals to ensure every resident receives what they need as part of their individual care plan.

All meals are made here at The Manor House by our chef in our on-site kitchen. As well as nutritionally balanced meals we can offer fortified build-up shakes, nutritionally balanced finger foods, or meals that need to be pureed to ensure a resident can eat them. We pay close attention to details too, with pureed meals for example, we then re-shape and mould the food to look like the original meal.

Jayne Wood, Director of Nursing said, “Well done Connie! Delivering effective Nursing Care is multi-layered and nutrition plays a vital role in everyone’s wellbeing, which is why we are passionate about ensuring every resident receives exactly what they need to support their health needs. Managing someone’s weight whether sustaining, gaining, or loosing requires as much focus as administering medication, our dedicated Nutrition Champion and chefs work really hard to ensure residents receive the food and drinks they need.”

Happy Halloween

It’s no secret we love a chance to decorate and throw a party – and what better time than at Halloween!

We set the scene with pumpkin carving, a very messy, fun activity for our residents to enjoy.

Then, it was on to the Halloween dinner and party. We decorated The Hub, made Halloween themed food including cakes, played games, and of course turned up the music for lots of dancing.

Jodie McVay, Managing Director said, “having a full and varied activities calendar is a vital part of the wellbeing of our residents. We built The Hub as part of our new building in 2020, to allow us to have a large space where all of our residents could come together for meals and special events. Our staff love to get involved too and can often be seen in a fancy-dress costume to really add to the occasion.”

At The Manor House, we make the most of every occasion, and as Autumn turns into Winter our season of events really gets going. Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for our next events.

Themed Thursdays

We have introduced themed Thursdays!  This June saw us launch our new themed Thursday events where we will host themed lunches in The Hub to give our residents chance to try different food and cultural activities from across the globe.

We started with Italian, followed by Indian then Chinese with plans for Spanish and Mexican to name just a few.  Over the coming months we’ll be travelling the culinary world!

We’ll decorate The Hub with balloons in the colours of the flag for the country of choice as well as having menu options inspired by the themes’ cuisine such as curry, paella, tortillas, or spaghetti.   Photo menus will be used to help to show the residents what to expect for their lunch; as always, all dietary requirements outlined in every resident’s individual care plan will still be adhered to.  The staff will dress up to bring the theme to life and of course, as we like to see feet tapping, hands clapping and faces smiling here at The Manor House, we’ll put on music for residents to enjoy a dance with our care staff…. from the flamenco to bhangra and the mariachi we think Themed Thursdays will encourage a lot of fun!

St George’s Day celebrations

On Friday 23rd April we celebrated St George’s Day. Despite St George’s Day not being celebrated as widely as it used to be throughout the country, for many of our residents this is a day they will have celebrated for many years and we love to follow traditions and ensure our residents get to too.

We celebrate St George’s Day every year – but this year given the pandemic we have faced and limitations on visits and outings we wanted to make it extra special for our residents.

We decorated the Hub and put on a party! We made flags and the residents were visited by a couple of special guests – 2 Shetland ponies escorted by one of our Manager’s children dressed in traditional attire. Bringing in animals, or ‘pet therapy’ as it is known, is something we do regularly at the Manor House with carefully selected animals. Animals are known to bring joy and happiness and petting an animal can have a very calming influence. For residents with dementia, those who have perhaps owned a pet in their life, visits from animals can help them recall memories and experience a feeling of joy and happiness by their presence.

A really great day was enjoyed by everyone, as well as the decorations and ponies, we turned up the music for a sing and dance and enjoyed lovely food. We’re very much looking forward to our next celebration. Hopefully, it won’t be long and we can invite all relatives to join in too.

Exploring our Sensory Garden

Now Spring has arrived, the daffodils are popping up and colour is filling our gardens it seemed opportune time to write about our sensory garden.  It won’t be long before the sun comes out and our residents can spend their days relaxing in the gardens. 

A project built with care and attention; the sensory garden was created by Jacqui McVay who designed this purpose-built haven within the grounds of The Manor House.  The vast lawns with seating areas lead the way to a garden that is full of hidden delights.  Beautiful features like statues and an old boat, plants attracting butterflies and a herb garden laden with photos and descriptions provide variety and lots of areas of interest for our residents to enjoy.

The paths intertwine towards a memory tree and stag statue who takes pride of place. 

A barbeque located within a gazebo is ready for summertime parties for residents and their loved ones.

The garden also features a paddock where we regularly bring in petting animals for our residents to interact with.  A greenhouse and potting areas are located within the garden for our green fingered residents.

We’re really looking forward to spending time in the gardens this spring and summer, and hopefully welcoming back visitors once again.

Look out for photos of the gardens on our Facebook page.

Valentine’s Day Special

Love was well and truly in the air this Valentine’s Day.  We make the most of significant occasions at The Manor House and Valentine’s Day gives us an extra chance to make our residents smile.  We understand that occasions like Valentine’s Day not only offer a chance for us to put on a spread and a party, but need to be approached with sensitivity and compassion, as for some of our residents they may be spending a Valentine’s Day without waking up next to their spouse or partner for the first time in decades. 

We spent the week before Valentine’s Day making Valentine’s crafts and cards and our dedicated Activity’s Team decorated The Hub with balloons and flowers.  Those residents that were able, joined us for a three course Valentine’s Dinner with Cream of Tomato Soup, Roast Beef with new potatoes, carrot batons, garden peas, Yorkshire Puddings and gravy followed by Raspberry Roulade with fresh cream or fresh strawberries.

This year was extra special as we were able to ensure our resident couple Ian and Joyce shared the day.  We ensured they exchanged cards, and spent their day together, they enjoyed a romantic meal and we made them a heart shaped cake to share.

After dinner, the music came on and we enjoyed singing and dancing.  We like to turn up the music when we can, the staff get involved and the residents sing and dance or tap their feet and clap their hands depending on their health, either way music and involvement from the team sees a sea of smiles and laughter fill the room.  We want to ensure our residents are happy and enjoying themselves and as the old saying goes ‘music be the food of love’ and we do indeed feel it at The Manor House.

Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for more photos of celebrations.


Christmas at the manor house

Christmas in our Nursing Home

Who says Christmas is just for children? Certainly not us.  Christmas is a truly magical time and we like to embrace the season.  This year has been different, to keep our residents safe, we have not been able to invite the usual flurry of choirs and schools into our home nor were we able to go out for our annual Christmas lunch…. but that does not mean Christmas was cancelled!

Thanks to Ansons School in Great Haywood we enjoyed a Christmas nativity via Zoom.  We got creative making Christmas clothing ready for Christmas jumper day, and we transformed The Hub into a restaurant for our Christmas Dinner on 15th December.

We were advised not to install Christmas decorations inside this year for infection control, which we of course adhered to as whilst this is incredibly sad, health comes first, but this did not stop us from going all out with our outside lights which the residents could enjoy from both the comfort of their rooms and lounges areas as soon as the sunset each day, and when we went for a stroll outside.  Beautiful reindeer, and dancing snowman and Santa in his sleigh sat pride of place.

Thanks to the Silver Santa project working with Ansons School once again, we received a wonderful delivery of Christmas gifts meaning we could spoil every single one of our residents on Christmas morning.  The day itself was still as joyous as always, with Christmas dinner, crackers complete with party hats and cracker jokes and singing Christmas songs.

We make the most of all special occasions and Christmas 2020 was just as special as always.  We know it was incredibly hard for relatives not able to visit and continue to thank you for our patience as we get through Covid safely together.

Should I be looking for a Care Home or a Nursing Home?

Coming to terms with the decision a loved one needs the support of a permanent residence for their well-being is often very difficult; you have to begin your research or follow a recommendation, and decide what type of home you need.  Many people have heard of Care Homes and Nursing Homes but often think they are the same thing.

Nursing Homes like The Manor House offer 24-hour a day care which is provided by Registered Nurses and a team of qualified Care Assistants.  All residents in a Nursing Home require some element of nursing such as medication or wound care or have mental health needs that mean they need the support of round the clock care and medical professionals available at all times.  In a Care home care is provided again 24 hours a day but by trained Care Assistants.  Often residents in a care home are elderly and their care is needed for health conditions associated with ageing such as reduced mobility or physical ability.

If Nursing needs are required, it is likely that you will already be working with a team of healthcare professionals and your social worker, a nurse or Doctor will be working with you to help advise on whether you should be looking for a nursing home or residential care home.

If you are not sure what level of care is needed, the best thing to do is ask.  Initially call a care home or nursing home you are interested in and discuss the health and needs you require, and you will be advised on what to do.    We are always available to help and guide you.  Please call us on 01785 250600.

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