At long last we have been able to welcome relatives into The Manor House for a relative’s meeting!  The last couple of years have been testing for everyone as the priority has and indeed remains keeping everyone safe from Covid-19.  As such we have been unable to host group relative’s meetings.  We have spoken with people individually, held Teams meetings and of course offered visiting in a safe manor when guidelines have allowed us to, but nothing quite beats getting friends and family all together for a chat.

It was great to see so many people join us in The Hub on Wednesday 23rd March to have a catch up over tea and biscuits and talk about everything that’s happening at The Manor House.

These relative’s meetings are the perfect forum for people to ask questions, talk to the team, find out about our plans and what’s coming up for activities, any changes in personnel and really feel close and involved with the care.  But more importantly, it’s a chance to make friends, and meet other people who have a family member or close friend living at The Manor House.

Jodie McVay, Managing Director says, “it’s wonderful to get everyone together like this to discuss everything happening at The Manor House and provide a platform for relatives to have conversations and talk openly to us.  We fully understand that the decision to move a relative into a permanent Nursing Home is not easy, and that relatives miss their loved one therefore to be able to make friends and meet people who are experiencing the same feelings and spend time with the team here helps, and we want to provide a service whereby people can talk to us and each other – our care is for a whole family and we do everything we can to support both our residents and their loved ones through this journey.”

We look forward to seeing even more relatives at our next group meeting.